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quarta-feira, dezembro 20, 2006

Random 25

1. Shakira
2. Plants
3. Cats
4. Rich
5. Beautiful
6. Lonely
7. Baby Cate
8. Beth
9. Shoes
10. A new apartment
11. A new life
12. Old insecurities
13. New opportunities
14. New workmates
15. Stuff everywhere!
16. West Elm
17. Flat panel TV
18. Wine
19. Decorating
20. An awesome 1BR loft apartment
21. Shaving my legs
22. Cat Food
23. Cat Litter
24. Packing my suitcase
25. Alone on New Years Eve

sábado, dezembro 16, 2006

Portia in her favourite spot, in mom's arms while mom is at the computer. Posted by Picasa

sexta-feira, dezembro 15, 2006

Both kitties, being friendly Posted by Picasa

Fiona, fetchingly regal Posted by Picasa

Portia, posing by the jungle Posted by Picasa

Officially Official

Yes indeed, it is officially official: we are moving! I have known for a while, but due to the super secret circumstances, could not divulge that smart piece of information. We are going to be moving to Cincinnati, Ohio where my mom was offered a promotion in her firm. She will be a compliance officer. She rocks!!

She found a great new place for us. It is brand new place and we are all excited. We also have our own personal jungle (see pics posted after this entry). Mom brought home this little tree thing and we have been having immense fun swinging off the branches and eating leaves and stuff.

In other news, Portia and I also went to the vet last week Friday. We got chipped. Yes, we are officially cyber kitties! No GPS, but a scanning device can tell someone who our mom is if we get lost. And speaking of lost...Porshy lost her lunch when we got back from the vet. She had 2 shots and the chip, then came home and scarfed some snacks and food, then promptly vomitted on mom's bed and bedroom floor. BTW, Porsh is 1lb overweight.

Here are our most recent stats:

Weight: 11lbs
Coat and skin are normal
Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Teeth and Gums are normal.
Legs and Paws, Heart, Abdomen, Lungs are normal
Heartworm test is negative

Weight: 14lbs (shouldn't gain any more weight, could lose 1lb)
Coat and skin are normal
Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Teeth and Gums are normal.
Legs and Paws, Heart, Abdomen, Lungs are normal
Heartworm test is negative

And did we mention oh-so-adorable?

Well, meows for now, we are tired and need to head to bed for a busy day of cleaning tomorrow! Mostly cleaning up our jungle mess.

quinta-feira, novembro 30, 2006

Mother says...

Here, we let our mother speak.

My kitties are so adorable. And loving. Fiona and Portia are beautiful cats who love to have fun, like to snuggle, and enjoy a good meal.

Okay, so maybe she's biased, but....we are awful cute!

We have two new plants in our house now. One is a kind of tree...not a ficas or anything, but it's been fun to play with. Porshy and I have been trying to swing from the branches, but they're not quite big enough to hold our weight.

The other one is a peace lily and mom has it on top of her armoire in the bedroom. I jumped up there a few times. It's alreayd a little dead, because I guess it was really dead when grandma tried to revive it. It looks like it's been doing pretty well, but wait until Porshes and I get our teeth on it!

She also brought home a few other some new dishes, a basket--which I'm enjoying sharpening my nails on--and a watering can. It was a lot of fun for us to sniff around and check out all the new stuff. I guess mom's grandpa got put in a nursing home recently and all the stuff in his house had to be taken away or dumped, so she got a few things. That's what she told us anyways. It seems kind of sad, but at least there will be other people there and they even have a resident cat or something, so...who could go wrong with a resident cat?! There are two of us here!

Do you think you can change your life when you change your address? We shall see...

Meows for nows!

sábado, novembro 25, 2006

It's 9pm Already!!

Whoa...I didn't realize it was so late. Well, it's not late late, but it's kinda later than I thought it was. Okay, so here's what got done today on mom's to-do list:

1. Throw out the trash
2. Take bag of stuff to GoodWill
3. Make a Christmas list
4. Return shoes (she still could)
5. Return cans & bottles

So 5/9 isn't too bad. She also cleaned out our litter boxes and put liners in and new litter...phew! I think she still wants to clean the bathroom and a few other things too. When will she vacuum!??!?

Tomorrow she is going to have coffee with a friend and then later she's going to hang out with Uncle Sel. Oh, and he asked her to make dinner...he he he...and so she is going to :) I wonder what she will make? Probably Italian because she loves Italian and it's pretty easy to make too.

Well, that was the daily update! Meow later...meowies!


Seriously! Okay, here's a list of mom's top five fave things to say (words & phrases):

1. Seriously!
2. For sure.
3. That is not positive.
4. Most definitely.
5. Bugger!

And that is the naked truth. I've just been playing around with a ginger ale bottle cap. Oh wait, I guess that's an old camera battery I'm playing with. Oops. He he... And jumping in a basket and messing up papers and chasing Portia. We've actually been quite lively and playful of late. Of course, we do our standard normal sleeping and lounging too.

Mom actually cleaned up a few things today too. The floor is semi-clear in the living room. I'm waiting for mom to vacuum. That would certianly be positive. She's got one bag of trash (this is another one, different from the last post) and one more back to go to GoodWill.

She also has one desk, one bookcase and one butler table that will also likely be going back to grandma's house. Oh..the desk to GoodWill, grandma didn't want it. Yeah...that yuck. Anyways.

It's a bit chilly around here lately. I think mom is trying not to spend too much on gas. She wants to save some more money. Which means she might need to give up her Starbucks habit. Or, as she says it: STAH-bucks, dahling. What a goof.

Here's mom's to-do list. Have you noticed I like lists lately? Maybe a List Blog would be fun, hmm?

1. Throw out trash
2. Take bag to GoodWill
3. Take stuff to dry cleaners
4. Return shoes, if she still can
5. Return cans & bottles
6. Put good sheets on bed
7. Go through closet and drawers one more time
8. Make a Christmas list
9. Budget review

I wonder what will actually get done this weekend. Mom is taking vacation Dec 8-13 and she is SO totally excited to be OFF OF WORK FOR 5 WHOLE DAYS!!! Likely, she will not stay home though, knowing mum. Ah well...good for her.

Meow for now!

domingo, novembro 19, 2006

Many Moons...

It has been many moons since I have posted anything here. My recovery from the leap off the balcony took its toll on my social life and my bruised and scraped paws could not type for a while...oh, the pain!

Since we last typed, Portia & I have been doing quite well. Mom is gone quite a bit these days as she works and works, and has been dating again. It's been an interesting few months here. Here's the numbers breakdown:

9 empty wine bottles
1 full bag of trash currently waiting to be taken out
5 bags of stuff to GoodWill taken over the summer
16-hour sleep-a-thon (just once)
4 new BCBG articles of clothing
1 new Yoga outfit
0 Yoga sessions
1 cancelled gym membership
65 dollar rent increase
1 wedding
1 new stalker
5 magazine subscriptions
21 days of take-out
24 hours of retail therapy
3 pairs of new brown shoes

And there you have it, among countless other things, a brief numbers list of what's been going on around here.

Mom is pretty happy, content and all. We are pretty happy too, but would like new litter boxes and have them cleaned every day instead of...well, weekly. As usual, this place is quite a mess and we enjoy sleeping and playing in a few empty boxes that are lying about.

The fridge is next to bare. It holds: flour, Bisquick, water, one ginger ale, butter, tortillas, cheese and select condiments such as ketchup.

We hope that mom will clean this all up and soon, too. We are also anxiously awaiting a new abode, wherever it might be. We want something lighter, brighter, bigger and owned by mom. Oh, more storage space and a washer/dryer are also a must.

MEOW-ies for now!

quinta-feira, julho 06, 2006

Freak Out!

Well, I know one really good way to freak out my mom: jump off the balcony!! Well, I would never admit it to her, but I might have actually fallen off...overshot a jump on the thin railing.

So...a trip to the emergency room I got. My mom raced downstairs to get me...all she heard was a loud thump (she turned her back for 2 seconds and I made a leap for it) then she saw me on the ground. The cement ground. So she came and got me and ran me back upstairs. I was walking kind of funny. She called grandma and they decided I should go to the vet. Mom got out the carrier and I hid under the bed. She had to pull me out by the scruff and I didn't even argue--I was a bit sore.

After an initial exam where I hissed and growled at the doctor (she was really hurting me!) I got some pain killers and they took two X-rays of my hips and insides. Besides being able to tell my mom that my bladder was full, the doctor also told my mom that I hadn't broken any bones. She did find some abrasions on my paws. One was even bleeding (a small sample on my mom's shirt).

When I got home, Portia sniffed at me and hissed. I am, of course, acting a bit odd, but that will likely go away after the pains meds are over. I just want to sit down because my paws hurt. But Portia knows something isn't quite right and she's annoyingly following me around, trying to sniff out what it is.

My mom had quite the scare but she feels relieved now that she knows nothing serious is injured. Phew! I think I'll stay off the balcony for a while.

Small meows tonite, in pain, so until next time....meow.